La-da da da da da da da

Oh the things people say now! Countdown to Terror-ini (2)

CW (Goodreads)     “this race against time thru the streets of London was interesting and fast paced”   The Gent is worthy of another book…there is back story the author’s keeping under wraps, maybe for book #2. We never know his name, and his former profession as an ‘analyst’ for a government agency is all very murky…but, boy, does he know how to analyze situations…observe and make decisions.”  “the core of the story is strong”

A.E. (Accountant)  “just back from holiday today and thought I’d tell you I bought your book for some holiday reading off Amazon last week.  Thoroughly enjoyed it !!! – but it was weird thinking of the local references etc.   Poor Samir- I thought you could have let him survive for the sequel. It will have to be Hussein now! – the bad man’s Jack Reacher.”

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