Countdown to Terror

Countdown to Terror-ini (2)

In 2012, against the backdrop of the Diamond Jubilee and the Olympic Games a group of young men are being prepared to form an Islamist terrorist cell. On a break to the British Museum London, a plea for help from a young woman, embroils the Gent in their terrorist plot. A frantic search in London ensues, to discover the terrorist’s hideout and what the target is.
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“A great debut story from Trevor Burton. A slightly slower start whilst we learned about the characters and locations but then really picked up pace and held my attention to the finish to find out ‘who (almost) dunnit’. A very enjoyable read and very much looking forward to The Gent’s next adventures.”

Verified Purchase”An excellent first novel, well researched and covering realistic and contemporary issues. The author’s familiarity with city life brings authenticity to the settings. His gradual build up to the climax maintains the reader’s attention until the final denouement, leaving a question mark for the future.”