Radio Chat with Bobby Martin

Bobby Martin Trust Global Radio

I would love to post an audio file but it does not look easy and there’s only 8 days in a week so could we talk about the weather instead;

It’s hot in Bulgaria over 40 degrees …sorry is broadcasting from Bulgaria to the English speaking world; through the internet, over your radio and on your cable TV too. 
 We bring you the very best mix of  “Classic Hits & Today’s Best Music

Monday to Friday,  “Bobby’s Breakfast”  8am to 11am
Sometimes called
“The all Day Breakfast Show” as we have people listening from all around the world and we have been told that it’s great music to have in your ears when you’re eating bacon, beans, egg, fried tomato and of course 2 rounds of toast…
This great show starts with music somewhere in the 60’s or 70’s until the beat reaches the current charts. And of course… it’s sprinkled with a little bit of good old ”Country Music” too

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