Caught in a Trap

Caught in a Trap front cover

It is early morning in Manchester. At Castlefield Basin an Elvis impersonator wakes, to find a body slumped on the back of his narrowboat. A knife is sticking out of the man’s abdomen. Fingerprints on the knife are not a match to Elvis. During police investigations, they return to find that he and the boat have disappeared.  The Gent investigates.
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“There were enough plot misdirects and subplots to keep the novel moving at a steady pace, but not so many as to be confusing. This classic mystery kept me guessing until the final pages. It was a very entertaining read.”
Verified Purchase“Intriguing series of events linked around the canals of Central Manchester, South Cheshire with a jaunt to Birmingham. Well drawn interesting characters linked with a fondness that develops for the main players i.e. The Gent and Amelia. The book is also a good tonic for those readers with an affection for Bombay Sapphire and Fevertree! Great holiday reading, enjoy!”
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You are guaranteed to get embroiled in mystery and suspense when you get your hands on a copy of Trevor Burton’s book – ‘Caught in a Trap’. WARNING: Readers have been known to get caught in a trap of their own making as they enter the spiraling, twisted tunnels of the author’s mind!”