About Trevor

 Born in Manchester Trevor began writing after a lengthy career in Finance. He now divides his time, between Cheshire, and the Algarve, Portugal.
When not busy writing or blogging Trevor keeps fit by playing Golf, Jogging, Swimming, and Cycling.

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4 Responses to About Trevor

  1. Popcorn says:

    since you just started writing just recently I would like how you got published so fast!


  2. Jenny says:

    Hi Trevor.I came across an article about you recently and was intrigued as your both a fellow Mancunian and it would appear also (part time?) resident of Luz in the Algarve!. I immediately downloaded your book Tangled Roots to my Kindle and have enjoyed a journey back in time to my home City of Manchester .My OH and I are now full time residents of Luz as of 5yrs ago. Wish you success with your books.who knows may follow suit and publish mine! Are you in a writers circle?


  3. Hi Jenny, my sincere apologies for not replying to your comment in April. This appears under the section “About Trevor” which I obviously do not visit very much, as already knowing far too much about myself. Whilst not a full time resident, we (my wife Sue) do visit Luz for a number weeks in the year and will be arriving in Luz next Monday 14th September and staying until November 2015. I am not in a writer’s circle as yet. I would be delighted to meet up for a coffee and chat about your writing. My email address is burton01@btinternet.com.


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