About Trevor

003 Trevor Burton (2) Trevor was born in Manchester and now divides his time between Cheshire and the Algarve, Portugal. He began writing after a career in finance, and director of a training company. His first book Countdown to Terror, is an observation on the simmering threats in the UK posed by extremist groups in 2012. Tangled Roots and Troubled Waters begin a series featuring the Gent as the enigmatic sleuth from ENODO (Latin for analyse) agency. Away from writing he walks daily and plays golf weekly. Click on books for more info.


4 Responses to About Trevor

  1. Popcorn says:

    since you just started writing just recently I would like how you got published so fast!


  2. Jenny says:

    Hi Trevor.I came across an article about you recently and was intrigued as your both a fellow Mancunian and it would appear also (part time?) resident of Luz in the Algarve!. I immediately downloaded your book Tangled Roots to my Kindle and have enjoyed a journey back in time to my home City of Manchester .My OH and I are now full time residents of Luz as of 5yrs ago. Wish you success with your books.who knows may follow suit and publish mine! Are you in a writers circle?

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  3. Hi Jenny, my sincere apologies for not replying to your comment in April. This appears under the section “About Trevor” which I obviously do not visit very much, as already knowing far too much about myself. Whilst not a full time resident, we (my wife Sue) do visit Luz for a number weeks in the year and will be arriving in Luz next Monday 14th September and staying until November 2015. I am not in a writer’s circle as yet. I would be delighted to meet up for a coffee and chat about your writing. My email address is burton01@btinternet.com.


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