Set off for one of my regular walks today in Middlewich. Down Mill Lane to the river Wheelock, and on to the Mill itself. I’m just passing the door, when an angry Doberman runs out barking and jumping around like a pogo stick. I stand calmly (Ha Ha), saying ‘Good Boy, Good Boy’. A young woman comes out with a baby slung around her neck, He’s not aggressive’ she says, as though I’m meant to believe her. ‘I won’t sprint off then to makes sure’, I say, as she badgers the dog as it continues to bark me off the premises.

Walking on along the lane, I look up to see two hawks circling. I think they had a bet on the Doberman. Two hundred yards further on I’m passing a field full of cows. Nothing remarkable about that, until they all start to move. I’m hoping the fence is electrified, and there is no gap at the entrance, as they are threatening. The entrance to the field is gated but the gate is open, with one solitary piece of what I hope is an electrified cable. They are all gathering now as I recite to myself ‘on your marks.’ Fortunately the road appears to my relief. I didn’t look back.

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