It’s the end of August and whilst today is fine in Cheshire, UK, autumn is on its way but I’m feeling good, ready for a holiday back in the Praia da Luz Lagos, Algarve Portugal. The stressful bit is over, I’ve finished booking flights with, sorted car hire, printed out the boarding passes, only a week to go. Can’t wait.

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Lost in Sagres


Lost in Sagres. Nice day with sunny intervals. We planned to do an easy two and a half walk, titled MONTE DOS AMANTES near Sagres in the Western Algarve.
The problem was we were following notes from a book by Julie Statham, a renowned Algarve walker. However, the book was written in 1999 and things have changed somewhat. There is now a new road built around Vila do Bispo and what should have been the third turnoff from a roundabout is now the second. An inauspicious start to be, Lost in Sagres, before we had started.
Eventually tracing our steps and with a little intuition we found MONTE DOS AMANTES. We passed late Neolithic Menhirs (large limestone blocks) 4000-3000BC. Their exact meaning is unclear but they are thought to be linked to fertility rites or reverence for the dead. There are fabulous views of the coastline on the Peniche plateau and further to the Cape St Vincent lighthouse. Two hours completed and paths began to disappear and we were truly, Lost in Sagres. We sought higher ground to spot landmarks. Eureka! we found the way again but this necessitated walking through fields of high thorns, in shorts, quite scratchy! The walk nearly over we were unsure again where to turn as many boundary stones look the same. After some discussion we set off left (not right). It was soon apparent that right was right. Too far now to turn back we pressed on and eventually found the main road and our car, adding three miles to the end of the walk and a total time of three hours plus.

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Following news of the death of his Aunt, Brad Johnson, an American, travels to Manchester England, researching his ancestral roots. Whilst visiting an Art Gallery he suffers a heart attack. Forensic tests are not conclusive with natural causes. Brad receives death threats. Chief Inspector Bill Lambert suspects foul play. Finding no firm evidence he consults the Gent to investigate Brad’s family history. What does this have to do with the murders of prostitutes in Chorlton Street Coach Station?
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Portugal Costa Verde

A multi-day walking route along the varied and unspoilt Atlantic coastline of northern Portugal’s Costa Verde (Green Coast) certainly sounds appealing. I suspect this is partly why the coastal Camino de Santiago has been gaining popularity. However, while the Camino da Costa offers an attractive alternative to the more traditionalRead More → The post Costa…

via Costa Verde Walking Route: A Leisurely Alternative To The Coastal Camino — Julie Dawn Fox in Portugal



Sunday 1st October 2017.  Breakfast is bacon and eggs, and sat under a sunshade at nine a.m. because it’s so hot. The Atlantic Ocean is a calm azure blue with a few fishing boats going about their daily routine business. There will be fresh fish and prawns in the restaurants of Lagos town tonight. Got to rush off now to play golf. Will need a buggy in the heat. Latest book Caught in a Trap  available at Amazon.co.uk  Amazon.com




Hilary Cawthorne (MBE)       Suspicion Minds

Sue Marsh                               Caught in a Trap

Steve Moyes                           King of Diamonds

James Murray                         All That I Am

Helen Owen                            All Shook Up

Carol Pirie                              Impersonator

Other notable titles included, Devil in Disguise, Suspicion and The Great Pretender, but I don’t think Elvis performed it. Congratulations and thanks to all who made suggestions. Please email address for signed books to be mailed to later in the year. Chosen title is. Caught in a Trap, well done Sue Marsh, an acknowledgement will appear in the book.

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Can you guess whodunnit?

Best regards and thanks for reading.


What’s in a title?


What’s in a title? Due for release later this year, my new book is currently titled IMPERSONATOR, here’s the Blurb.

Manchester, Castlefield Basin, early morning. An Elvis impersonator wakes, to find a body slumped on the back of his narrowboat. A knife is sticking out of the man’s abdomen. Fingerprints on the knife are not a match to Elvis. During police investigations, they return to find that he and the boat have disappeared. A rich lady believes her toy-boy lover, the drummer in a rock band is stealing from her. He is found murdered one evening in the band’s dressing room.  A maths student at Manchester University is leading a double life as an escort, her body is found floating in Castlefield Basin. Is the connection the missing narrowboat? The Gent investigates.

Can you suggest a better title, an Elvis song perhaps?  The first 6 suggestions win a signed copy of the New Book. Email to burton01@btinternet.com.  By 31st July 2017. CHOSEN TITLE also gets an ACKNOWLEDGMENT in the book.

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Can you guess whodunnit? Best regards and thanks for reading.