No 13 in Amazon top 100 Free

Troubled Waters cover Kindle (675x1024)

Sales were a bit sluggish, however, Amazon allow a promotion for up to five days to price books for free. This is obviously very attractive to the reader. TROUBLED WATERS surged to No 13 in Private Investigators, with 210 downloads and lots of KENP pages read.

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Troubled Waters cover Kindle (675x1024)


Shortly after 9 p.m. a young woman left the River Bar of the Lowry Hotel, Salford Manchester. Her mobile rang. It was to be the last time. She was dragged backwards and thrown into the murky waters of the river Irwell. Marian is celebrating her birthday. She is a suspected whistle blower after funds have been embezzled. She is also a member of Harmony Earth, a group protesting, against fracking for oil.