The Lanky llamas Poem

Llamas in field Middlewich

The Lanky llamas Poem

As I walked down thru Middlewich along an old farm lane
I spied four lanky llamas a peering through the rain
They spied me from afar off and fixed me with a stare
And if they could speak I’m sure they’d say hey, stop! Who goes there?

Now why four lanky llamas be in a Middlewich field
Is way beyond my sad old brain to comfortably yield?
Now llama wool is possible and I’m sure they give with glee
But in all my time on land and sea a llama chop I ne’er did see.

So what’s in it for Farmer John my sad old brain befuddled on?
For farmers’ big n farmers small are not well known to spend much on
They could be blessed with charity; or is it revenue?
To give those beasts, good rich grass and a right good view.

For kept away from butchers they be safe and sound
And as time goes by those lanky beasts they grow fat n round
Now llama wool is possible and I’m sure they give with glee
But in all my time on land and sea a llama chop I ne’er did see.

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RIVER FLOOD. March 16th River Wheelock, Chester road, Middlewich, Cheshire, UK. The tree in the middle of the photo is normally on the left bank of the river. The path on the right bank is under water and unpassable.
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Sunny day in August at the Old Salt Works, Middlewich, Cheshire, UK. After snow falls in the winter and the roads become icy, gritter trucks will be queuing up outside. Following the Roman invasion, Middlewich was named Salinae on account of the salt deposits around it, as it was one of their major sites of salt production. Salt manufacture in Middlewich is now concentrated in one manufacturer, British Salt The salt is sold as the Saxa brand by RHM. Looking for a Mystery Thriller Learn More

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