In-depth Expert Guide To Algarve Golf Courses. Which Is Best For You? — Julie Dawn Fox in Portugal

Contributed by golfing expert, Andy Waple (see bio below) These days it’s hard to imagine the Algarve without golf, yet a ball was not struck on this sunshine coast until 1966, when the first of many Algarve golf courses was laid out at the newly-emerging Penina resort near Portimão inRead More → The post In-depth…

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via In-depth Expert Guide To Algarve Golf Courses. Which Is Best For You? — Julie Dawn Fox in Portugal



Been back in Algarve a few days now, a relief from the storms of the UK. One o’clock today and a tourist boat was static only a few yards off shore, with a smaller boat hovering alongside. Not wishing to put down my glass of chilled white wine, but curious nevertheless, I picked up my binoculars for a look see. Around the front of the boats, quite clearly in sight was a playful pod of Dolphins, a magnificent spectacle. I sat and watched for a quarter of an hour before they moved on. Alas the wine had gone warm.

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Played Golf today at Penina, near Portimao, Algarve, Portugal. Very hot. This is the place where the Beatles stayed for a few days in 1968. Paul McCartney wrote a song called Penina and gave it away to Jotta Herre, the house band. It was also recorded by Carlos Mendes. They had a bit of a hit with it, you can find it on Youtube. The golf well! Looking for a Mystery Thriller Learn more



LEAVING ON A JET PLANE. It’s 7th November 2018. The sky is clear and the Atlantic Ocean is Azure blue. It is hot and I’m, looking out over the beautiful Bay of Light (Praia da Luz), Lagos in the Algarve, Portugal. Next job is to print boarding passes because, sadly, I’m leaving on a jet plane tomorrow. John Denver.
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Sunday, early afternoon eating a freshly made tuna salad lunch with a chilled glass of dry white wine. It is very warm, and the azure-blue Atlantic Ocean is calm, with only a couple of sailing boats drifting along. Suddenly the sound of Jazz-Blues music can be heard. We wonder where from, and then realise it must be from the Fortaleza restaurant on the rocks at Praia da Luz, half a mile away. The Fortaleza is an historic site, from Roman times, rebuilt in 1670, after an earthquake. Richard the Lionheart is reputed to have stopped off there on his way to the crusades.