Canal at Croxton

Back to Blighty.  It’s 19th July 2017. It has been cloudy, windy and wet for the last week. What a surprise in the last day or so to see such improved weather. Can’t really moan can we? But it is seriously hot for the UK at 90 degrees. Nice to spend time in the garden. All the neighbours firing up the Barbie. Still rather be in Portugal though. Oh well, come September.

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What’s in a title?


What’s in a title? Due for release later this year, my new book is currently titled IMPERSONATOR, here’s the Blurb.

Manchester, Castlefield Basin, early morning. An Elvis impersonator wakes, to find a body slumped on the back of his narrowboat. A knife is sticking out of the man’s abdomen. Fingerprints on the knife are not a match to Elvis. During police investigations, they return to find that he and the boat have disappeared. A rich lady believes her toy-boy lover, the drummer in a rock band is stealing from her. He is found murdered one evening in the band’s dressing room.  A maths student at Manchester University is leading a double life as an escort, her body is found floating in Castlefield Basin. Is the connection the missing narrowboat? The Gent investigates.

Can you suggest a better title, an Elvis song perhaps?  The first 6 suggestions win a signed copy of the New Book. Email to  By 31st July 2017. CHOSEN TITLE also gets an ACKNOWLEDGMENT in the book.

JULY SPECIAL DEAL,         Amazon UK All kindle books            99p.     Amazon UK

Amazon US All kindle books            $1.26.  Amazon.US

Can you guess whodunnit? Best regards and thanks for reading.


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Luz sunset 1

A balmy evening in Luz near Lagos, Western Algarve, Portugal. Facing east at the black rock in Luz bay as the sun goes down behind us in the West. The Atlantic Ocean is an azure blue and the surf rolls in. Sipping a Bombay Sapphire Gin and Tonic, with ice and lime, where else, what else? Reminds me of the song Sundown by Canadian singer Gordon Lightfoot, great lyrics, hands up who can remember, click here. Sundown

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Joseph Brotherton Statue

Joseph Brotherton Statue

Joseph Brotherton, 1789-1857, first MP for Salford. The Statue is sited on the Salford bank of the river Irwell, Bridge Street Manchester. Featured in Detective Fiction Novel Tangled Roots set in Manchester, Stockport and Cheshire. Tangled Roots is available :-

Free on Kindleunlimited  Amazon UK  Amazon US

Quote “My riches consist not in the extent of my possessions but in the fewness of my wants.”



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A perfect blend in Alentejo — Salt of Portugal

Sometimes you have to look far to find what you have near. The enologist Pedro Pereira Gonçalves left his homeland in search of a new world, first in Australia and then in Chile. But he found his calling back in Portugal at Monte da Ravasqueira, in the heart of Alentejo. The estate was purchased by […]

via A perfect blend in Alentejo — Salt of Portugal

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No 13 in Amazon top 100 Free

Troubled Waters cover Kindle (675x1024)

Sales were a bit sluggish, however, Amazon allow a promotion for up to five days to price books for free. This is obviously very attractive to the reader. TROUBLED WATERS surged to No 13 in Private Investigators, with 210 downloads and lots of KENP pages read.

FREE on Kindle Unlimited £1.99 to buy at

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