Lost in Sagres


Lost in Sagres. Nice day with sunny intervals. We planned to do an easy two and a half walk, titled MONTE DOS AMANTES near Sagres in the Western Algarve.
The problem was we were following notes from a book by Julie Statham, a renowned Algarve walker. However, the book was written in 1999 and things have changed somewhat. There is now a new road built around Vila do Bispo and what should have been the third turnoff from a roundabout is now the second. An inauspicious start to be, Lost in Sagres, before we had started.
Eventually tracing our steps and with a little intuition we found MONTE DOS AMANTES. We passed late Neolithic Menhirs (large limestone blocks) 4000-3000BC. Their exact meaning is unclear but they are thought to be linked to fertility rites or reverence for the dead. There are fabulous views of the coastline on the Peniche plateau and further to the Cape St Vincent lighthouse. Two hours completed and paths began to disappear and we were truly, Lost in Sagres. We sought higher ground to spot landmarks. Eureka! we found the way again but this necessitated walking through fields of high thorns, in shorts, quite scratchy! The walk nearly over we were unsure again where to turn as many boundary stones look the same. After some discussion we set off left (not right). It was soon apparent that right was right. Too far now to turn back we pressed on and eventually found the main road and our car, adding three miles to the end of the walk and a total time of three hours plus.

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