Pure beer

Lunchtime in Lazuli my favourite bar in Praia da luz and we order two large beers. The waiter who looks like a young Art Garfunkel duly obliges. Thirsty, I take a big slug and it tastes different. I ask herself and she says, “yes, it´s sweeter.” We look at each other and glance at Garfunkel, who is kind of knowing. When he walks by I ask him “have you changed the beer only it is sweeter. “oh dear I know what I´ve done the table over there ordered two pints of shandy, I´ll replace these straight away. In a trice he´s back. “Two pints of PURE BEER” he says plonking two full glasses on the table. I´m not going to tell them! he adds.” Walking away. RESULT   Learn more

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