What’s in a title?


What’s in a title? Due for release later this year, my new book is currently titled IMPERSONATOR, here’s the Blurb.

Manchester, Castlefield Basin, early morning. An Elvis impersonator wakes, to find a body slumped on the back of his narrowboat. A knife is sticking out of the man’s abdomen. Fingerprints on the knife are not a match to Elvis. During police investigations, they return to find that he and the boat have disappeared. A rich lady believes her toy-boy lover, the drummer in a rock band is stealing from her. He is found murdered one evening in the band’s dressing room.  A maths student at Manchester University is leading a double life as an escort, her body is found floating in Castlefield Basin. Is the connection the missing narrowboat? The Gent investigates.

Can you suggest a better title, an Elvis song perhaps?  The first 6 suggestions win a signed copy of the New Book. Email to burton01@btinternet.com.  By 31st July 2017. CHOSEN TITLE also gets an ACKNOWLEDGMENT in the book.

JULY SPECIAL DEAL,         Amazon UK All kindle books            99p.     Amazon UK

Amazon US All kindle books            $1.26.  Amazon.US

Can you guess whodunnit? Best regards and thanks for reading.


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