A Fracking Drama

Troubled Waters cover Kindle (675x1024)

Extract from Chapter 18. I’m pushed and shoved by a couple of the nearest fracking protesters Fists begin to fly, and before I know it my back’s to the gate and I’m slugging it out with the two of them. My desperation is such that I’m landing more blows than they are, but for how long? Fortunately, some reporters swiftly run over to break things up as I start to wilt and begin to slide down the rough wooden farm gate. I see knees and boots at the ready, and one boot hits me in the back just as a blast from a shotgun instils a brief silence.

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About Trevor Burton

Trevor was born in Manchester and now divides his time between Cheshire and the Algarve, Portugal. He began writing after a career in finance, and director of a training company. Caught in a Trap is the third book in a series, featuring the Gent as the enigmatic sleuth from ENODO (Latin for analyse) agency. Away from writing he walks daily and plays golf weekly.
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