Newsletter Spring 2017


Newsletter Spring 2017

Amazon Promotion Top 100  Since going back to Kindle Select, sales were slow getting back to normal. However, Amazon allow a promotion for up to five days to price books for free. This is obviously very attractive to the reader. The Xmas and New Year sale promotion was a success and made the Best Sellers top 100 in the free section, all books reaching the teens, the highest reaching no 14. The total number of downloads was an amazing 500. This in turn saw an increase in Kindle unlimited downloads.

London Book Fair14th to 16th March 2017  I will be attending as usual, searching for inspiration among the many attractions. Please feel free to chat if you spot me among the hordes of other patrons. The Author Lounge will feature highly as many tips and suggestions are passed on from top authors.

Troubled Waters cover Kindle (675x1024)AMAZON COUNTDOWN DEAL 99P  Shortly after 9 p.m. a young woman left the River Bar of the Lowry Hotel, Salford Manchester. She paused, as her mobile phone rang. It was to be the last time it would ever do so. She was dragged backwards the few feet towards the river Irwell. It was an easy task for a strong man to haul the petite woman over the low railings and heave her into the murky waters below.  Buy Now only 99p on Amazon

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