metrolink009[1]Quote from TROUBLED WATERS Chapter 37. The tram driver on the Bury to Altrincham line had driven his tram from Victoria station south along Market Street, where he turned right onto Mosley Street for a few yards and then left to go through the bus station towards his next stop, Piccadilly railway station. He saw a tallish man on the edge of the kerb, wearing dark clothes and with fair hair cut short in a military style. The tram was going slowly, and just behind it a bus was overtaking in the outside lane. The bus passed quickly, but the man failed the routine taught to every small child: he looked right, then left, but his undoing was not to look right again. The tram was almost upon him when he stepped into the road. The driver sounded the horn automatically, his brain registering immediately that it was too late. The last thing the driver saw as the tram struck the man and his head spun around was the horrified look in his ice-cold Nordic-blue eyes.


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