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It’s 28TH February 2016. It has been cloudy, windy and wet for the last week. What a pleasure this morning to be able to eat breakfast outside. The sky is clear and the Atlantic Ocean is Azure blue. It is hot and I’m eating bacon and eggs, looking out over the beautiful Bay of Light (Praia da Luz), Lagos in the Algarve, Portugal. Alas the next job is to print boarding passes for the flight back to blighty on Wednesday.


About Trevor Burton

Born in Manchester Trevor began writing after a lengthy career in Finance. He now divides his time, between Cheshire, and the Algarve, Portugal. When not busy writing or blogging Trevor keeps fit by playing Golf, Jogging, Swimming, and Cycling Books are available on Amazon. For more information go to:
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One Response to BACK TO BLIGHTY

  1. I love your pictures. Would like to visit Lagos.


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