Ghosts of Middlewich Station


Ghosts of Middlewich Station

(Courtesy Middlewich Diary) Middlewich signal box and the closed station in 1963. Photo: J.H. Priestley/Subterranea Britannica

I take my place on the cold platform

Tis’ nothing new it’s quite the norm

Facing South I watch and wait

Should’ve been here by half past eight


I stand and wait to see my boy

When he arrives I’ll jump for joy

They let him out at dawn today

For misdemeanours he did pay


The station master locks his door

This starry night he’ll work no more

Bids me goodnight, it’s oh so late

Say’s ‘When you go please close the gate’


‘I will kind sir see you tomorrow’

He looks at me with such deep sorrow

For he’ll be back same time next night

A slow train stops, no one alights.


A fast train roars through without a hitch

For trains stop no more at Middlewich

The station master he’s mine host

But alas like me also a ghost


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