Dolphin 2

Lunch time on the patio terrace and enjoying a cold beer with a tomato and Serrano ham omelette. A colourful boat is passing by close to shore. I can see activity in the water and thinking it is a fishing boat casting nets I pick up my binoculars to have a closer look. Surprise, surprise it is in fact a tourist boat and there is a crowd of people gazing over the prow. The activity is in fact a Pod of Dolphins playfully swimming around and accompanying the boat. A truly wonderful site to behold from my own back yard.


About Trevor Burton

Trevor was born in Manchester and now divides his time between Cheshire and the Algarve, Portugal. He began writing after a career in finance, and director of a training company. Caught in a Trap is the third book in a series, featuring the Gent as the enigmatic sleuth from ENODO (Latin for analyse) agency. Away from writing he walks daily and plays golf weekly.
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