Tangled Roots Press Release

Tangled Roots (2)Tangled Roots by Trevor Burton
An American researching his ancestral roots in Manchester UK, finds he has been cheated out of his rightful inheritance. Death threats and murders add to the intrigue of this detective mystery.

Following the death of his Aunt, Brad Johnson, an American, is on a visit to Manchester England. Staying at the Renaissance Hotel, he takes the opportunity to research his ancestral roots, his father Wayne, had served in the US Air Force during World War II, stationed at Burtonwood near Warrington. One Saturday evening he joins a group of other hotel guests to watch a play at the Royal Exchange Theatre. Also in the group is an attractive lady, Wendy Davenport. The next day, whilst visiting the Manchester Art Gallery he collapses, and is rushed to Manchester Royal Infirmary where he is diagnosed as having had a heart attack. Fortunately Brad survives the attack. Tests prove the attack was caused by the ingestion of Digitalis, commonly known as Foxglove. The forensic analyst suggests that the amount ingested is unlikely to have occurred naturally.Foul play by errant family members is suspected. Finding no firm evidence that a crime has been committed; Inspector Lambert asks his old friend and colleague the Gent to investigate. After being discharged from hospital, Brad decides to continue the search into his family history. Alfred Baines, the family solicitor had been unaware of Brad’s existence. The Gent is mugged and ordered to stay away from the American. At the same time Brad receives a note threatening his life if he continues on with his quest. Who would want to kill him and why? In the meantime a prostitute is found stabbed to death in Chorlton Street Coach Station: a week later another girl suffers the same fate. The Gent and his partner, Amelia, delve into all aspects of Brad Johnson’s ancestry, revealing that important facts are being kept from Brad by duplicitous means.

Tangled Roots is the second detective mystery from Trevor Burton featuring enigmatic sleuth the Gent. The story follows the quest of an American, Brad Johnson to find his lost inheritance His father had been a Sergeant in the US air force in World War II based at Burtonwood near Warrington. Set in Greater Manchester, birthplace of the Author, and in particular Stockport, the author draws on his knowledge of the city and his experience of business and executorship, to reveal the trials faced by many in situations where relatives die intestate. The story follows the further complexities where murder, blackmail and embezzlement ensue.

Tangled Roots by Trevor Burton (ebook by KindleDirect Publishing, paperback by CreateSpace ) is available now from all major online retailers including Amazon. For more information go to: https://trevorburt.wordpress.com https://www.facebook.com/trevorburtonpage?ref=hl


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