Twisted Roots Cover Page


Twisted Roots Front CoverTwisted Roots

This the first draft of the cover page. BE THE FIRST TO COMMENT?

Following news of the death of his Aunt, Brad Johnson, an American, travels to Manchester England, researching his ancestral roots. Whilst visiting an Art Gallery he suffers a heart attack. Forensic tests are not conclusive with natural causes. Brad receives death threats. Chief Inspector Bill Lambert suspects foul play. Finding no firm evidence a crime has been committed he consults the Gent to investigate the complex labyrinth of Brad’s family history.


2 thoughts on “Twisted Roots Cover Page

  1. I love the art of the cover, but it’s a picture more about twisted and tangled together branches than roots. Could you flip the photo upside down? That might be an attention getter. Just my oppinion. The book sounds very interesting from your quick synopsis 🙂


    • Hi Mom, many thanks for your comment, will try out your suggestion, this was is a basic Creatspace template. I did tweak the back cover. Not yet uploaded the manuscript and still sorting out issue dates and marketing, not enough hours in the day.

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