British Museum

Countdown to Terror, Last Chapter (Epilogue), Approaching 700+ reads on Wattpad now for Countdown to Terror. Have now uploaded the last Chapter (Epilogue), with a brand new cast for the finale.

Rupert Penry Jones as The Gent, check out his blue suit in the starring role in the film The 39 Steps.

Honeysuckle Weeks as Jenny, starring in the TV series Foyles War.

Jimmi Harkishin as Hussein, the stalwart shop keeper Dev Alahan from ITV soap Coronation Street. to terror

About Trevor Burton

Trevor was born in Manchester and now divides his time between Cheshire and the Algarve, Portugal. He began writing after a career in finance, and director of a training company. Caught in a Trap is the third book in a series, featuring the Gent as the enigmatic sleuth from ENODO (Latin for analyse) agency. Away from writing he walks daily and plays golf weekly.
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