Cows play Golf?

Cow (2)
I could not believe it yesterday; half way along the fifth fairway at Penina Resort golf course, Western Algarve: herself said ‘there’s a cow on the green,’ I, head down and about to swing, replied, ‘you’re putting me off stop it.’ No just look she said.’ In pandering fashion I looked ahead to the green and my first instinct was ‘it’s a grounds man’ I replied and then a head came up with horns on! It’s a cow I agreed in surprise.
We approached the green with caution, making sure it was in fact a cow, yes it was. Still keeping well away we finished putting and began strolling to the sixth tee with the cow still nonchalantly munching away when there was a loud bellow and a huge head and real big horns appeared through a gap in the trees behind us.
The bull was calling his harem back into line.
It must have been the faster tee off ever, Usain Bolt would have been proud!

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