The Inheritance

This new Detective Crime Thriller is 50% complete and is scheduled for completion later in the year.

Following news of the death of his Aunt and a mention in the will, Bud Johnson, an American from Marinette Wisconsin, is on a visit to Manchester England, researching his ancestral roots. Whilst visiting the Manchester Art Gallery he collapses after suffering a heart attack.

The forensic tests are not conclusive with natural causes. Bud receives death threats if he continues his quest: who would want to kill him and why? What does this have to do with the murders of prostitutes in Chorlton Street Coach Station?

Chief Inspector Bill Lambert of Greater Manchester Police, suspects foul play by errant family members. Finding no firm evidence a crime has been committed; he consults his old friend and colleague the Gent from the ENODO agency to investigate the complex labyrinth of Bud’s family history, inheritance laws etc. uncovering layers of deceit and fraud denying Bud his rightful inheritance

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