Caldes de Monchique

450px-Waterfall,_Caldas_De_Monchique,_Portugal[1]Last Sunday was the Algarve Hash House Harriers away weekend at Caldes de Mocnchique a small fairy tale village in the Monchique Mountains. The place has been a Spa since Roman times. The Saturday afternoon run turned into a walk as the morning’s rain made the steep climb up the rocky mountain terrain too dangerous.

There was a wedding in the tiny Church and the exotically attired guests were all smiles as they trooped back down the hill flanked by beer drinking hashers cheering them on in tee shirts and shorts.

The quaint hotel, Albergaria du Lageado was full so we were given the owners annexe next door, complete with cat. This proved a further bonus as dancing and frivolity continued into the wee small hours, long after yours truly had retired.

The morning after’s recovery run or walk was a more sedate affair, altogether a great weekend.

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