Photo0020 (2)

It’s October and I feel most fortunate to be back in the beautiful Western Algarve.

Blues skies, sunshine, 30° fantastic. Only one problem; next Sunday 13th is the MAMARATONA a charity run for breast cancer, and you guessed it, I am not race fit, well not fit at all really, it’s either 5K or 8K and you can walk it also if you so choose, but vanity or madness suggests I at least give running it a try.

So early morning, I’m up with the lark, and with the sun on my back head off west towards The Hill, It is a struggle and my intention is only to look at the beast, but adrenalin takes over and what the heck I manage to literally scramble up.

On the way back albeit slowly I come across a dozen or more runners coming the other way, could be a club: I wonder if they have sights on the MAMARATONA

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