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It’s October and I feel most fortunate to be back in the beautiful Western Algarve.

Blues skies, sunshine, 30° fantastic. Only one problem; next Sunday 13th is the MAMARATONA a charity run for breast cancer, and you guessed it, I am not race fit, well not fit at all really, it’s either 5K or 8K and you can walk it also if you so choose, but vanity or madness suggests I at least give running it a try.

So early morning, I’m up with the lark, and with the sun on my back head off west towards The Hill, It is a struggle and my intention is only to look at the beast, but adrenalin takes over and what the heck I manage to literally scramble up.

On the way back albeit slowly I come across a dozen or more runners coming the other way, could be a club: I wonder if they have sights on the MAMARATONA


About Trevor Burton

Born in Manchester Trevor began writing after a lengthy career in Finance. He now divides his time, between Cheshire, and the Algarve, Portugal. When not busy writing or blogging Trevor keeps fit by playing Golf, Jogging, Swimming, and Cycling Books are available on Amazon. For more information go to:
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