COUNTDOWN TO TERRORCountdown to Terror-ini (2)

‘Well, I know you’re pretty clued up on Islam and the Middle East. In layman’s terms, what would I need to study to gain an understanding about the various sects, etc., in different Middle East countries?’ ……

Gus guffawed. ‘How long have you got? It’s a life’s work. Across the Middle East there are states where a minority Sunni group rules and vice versa. In Syria Assad’s Alawites (Shia) dominate the others I could go on!’ Gus offered.

‘No, no, that’s very informative…..

He was shaken out of his contemplation by the ringing of his mobile. It was Monroe of the Met.

‘Hi, thought I’d let you know, we traced signals from Samir Khan’s mobile to a house in Bermondsey. I’ve just come back from there, and guess what? They did a runner last night. All we found was a body, shot in the back and left in the doorway where he fell, poor bugger. Can’t stop, there’s another lead coming in’…….

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