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Secret Middlewich writer debuts gripping thriller

A MYSTERY Middlewich author has delved into the dark world of terrorist plots, prostitution and murder in his debut thriller – Countdown to Terror. Writing under the pseudonym, Trevor Burton, the secret writer draws on his own experiences of visiting Iraq and living in Saudi Arabia to pen the gripping modern-day thriller.The 62-year-old steadily builds suspense as his novel follows a detective racing against the clock to protect the London Olympics from an impending terrorist attack.

Trevor, who moved to Middlewich 15 years ago, said: “I thought I would try something bolder so hence the book, which I started as a different type of detective fiction and it became the book looking at the UK as it was in 2012.”

The story follows the fateful journey of a group of impressionable young men, and their volatile leaders, alongside that of an enigmatic detective who attempts to analyse the motives of those behind a plot that could lead to unimaginable fatalities. Set against the backdrop of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics, the group of idealistic young men are manipulated into forming an Islamist terrorist cell in Manchester.

As the men prepare to cause mass destruction, a mysterious man known only as The Gent appears and unwillingly becomes embroiled in a full-scale terrorist plot and embarks on a frantic search across London to prevent disaster.

Trevor, a former accountant, did extensive research in preparation for his novel, as he wanted to create a credible and realistic plot. He said: “I was born in Manchester and have travelled to London many times.  In addition to acquired knowledge, I walked the streets of Manchester and London to check the credibility of my story. “Other research was from the media generally and the internet, for example, to confirm a particular district had an appropriate ethnic population and, similarly, particular Middle Eastern States.”  The grandfather-of-three, who is now a full-time writer, is currently writing another book featuring The Gent and hopes to write a sequel for Countdown to Terror next year.

When not busy writing or blogging, Trevor enjoys spending time with his family and is a keen traveller and sportsman.

Nantwich Book Shop, has a small stock of Countdown to Terror.  Email for more information or pop in-store.

It is also available from all major online retailers, including Amazon.  CLICK LINK BELOW

























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