Countdown to Terror- Paperback

Countdown to Terror

Countdown to Terror-ini (2) Now out in Paperback. A highly topical and gripping terrorist thriller: appealing to crime/thriller devotees. Contains impressive research and analysis as to “who dunnit and why?”

The Blurb

Sacrificial pawns in the game. During the spring and early summer of 2012, against the backdrop of the Diamond Jubilee and the build-up to the Olympics a group of idealist young men are being prepared to form an Islamist terrorist cell in Manchester.

Their mentor; a firebrand immigrant cleric from Baghdad is protected by Hussein, a ferociously hard man from a small village in Afghanistan. Both have reasons to hate but are they the same?

On a short break to the British Museum London, a plea for help from a young woman, embroils the Gent in a terrorist plot, what or who is the target?

Complexities abound, and a frantic search in London ensues – to discover the terrorist’s hideout and what the target is – in order to prevent disaster on a massive scale…


Just click on the book to look inside for the first few chapters free you just might be hooked and even like it enough to review!

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