Fire fighters

Firefughters man with truck

Had to mention the Bombeiros (Fire fighters) as they are known in Portugal; they are often volunteers and also work as paramedics (more about that later). Well; leaving the local supermarket one lunch-time it seemed strange to see the fire truck parked in the local square.

All was to be revealed a half hour later over lunch. Sipping away at a chilled dry white wine, she herself opined “that fire truck’s parked under the large palm tree now! Strange indeed I concurred.

Moments after the ladders were raised and two doughty Bombeiros began cutting branches off the palm tree. Not sure if that is within the normal remit.

 The next morning after breakfast there was an agonised cry for help from the pool area. A fortyish very tall man who would have been muscly some years prior had gotten into difficulties, probably as a result of jumping straight into the cold water. The pool staff rushed round and after a bit of a struggle managed to drag him out. An ambulance soon arrived and Bombeiros (now dressed as paramedics) applied appropriate procedures before carting the poor chap away with the accompanying alarm bells. He appeared to have suffered a heart attack

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