Aircraft Carrier

Aircraft CarrierIt must be the wine but once again over lunch I performed my citizen’s duty of perusing the horizon for pirates. Eh! “What on earth is that” I thought before passing the glasses to the lady herself for verification. ‘You’re right’ says she, and six planes on deck ready to fly.

Normally large craft can be seen on the Horizon, but the carrier was a mile or so closer to land; was this intentional in order to show a presence? It was not possible to determine which Navy it belonged to but as its direction was due East could it have be headed for the trouble spots in the East Mediterranean. Who knows but considering the current political scenario it’s not beyond the bounds.

The Aircraft carrier suddenly turned towards land and the only place it could be heading for could be Portimao, which has recently been able to take the largest Ocean Liners, so feeling intrepid for a photo opportunity we high-tailed it off to Portimao.

Parking at the far end of the quays near the sardine restaurants we hiked the Mamamaratona (breast cancer charity run) route all the way to the beach at Praia da Rocha. Did I say it was hot Phew! It was hot!

She herself was not amused now, ‘this boat then?’ she enquired.

‘What’s that in the distance’ Says I’ as the back end of the Aircraft Carrier disappeared over the horizon…

As per Laurel and Hardy, another fine mess: Oh well a nice siesta on the beach and a cold beer on the way back.

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