Published at Last

Countdown to TerrorCountdown to Terror-ini (2)

Countdown to Terror is now available on Amazon Kindle. It feels like I have just completed the London Marathon.

I can’t believe it is only two months since the London Book Fair at Earl’s Court. It was a truly momentous affair from trying to get the folks at the rich man’s table (Agents and Publishers) to throw me a crumb and just acknowledge my existence. Visiting the Authors Lounge, most ably chaired by Gareth Howard of Authoright, was the catalyst. The real life stories of trial and tribulation through main stream publishing outfits from guest authors Polly Courtney, and Orna Ross, were best sellers in their own right.

The presentation from Thom Kephart of Amazon Digital Services about Kindle Direct Publishing was excellent. This was backed up from more real life experience by TJ Cooke and Mel Sherratt who were on hand as KDP authors.

And so the book is out although the initial euphoria has diminished somewhat since it dawned on me that the PR and Marketing now begins because there is no publisher with a fully staffed department of bright young things with nothing else to do, all raring to go.

Check the book online, I hope you like it, and give it a good review. I have some ideas for the next one, so back to the day job it is.

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