Countdown to Terror

Professional editing is finally completed and title decided as above. Getting very scary now! gone through the five-minute  (Ha ha) job of formatting for Amazon / KDP and working on last changes to cover page. Getting jittery about the final process, with other thoughts e.g. do also I also use createspace? what about other e-platforms etc. what is smashwords and so on. The list seems endless.

The subject matter is still the same, summary below.

During spring 2012, against the backdrop of the Diamond Jubilee and the build-up to the Olympics a group of idealist young men are being prepared to form an Islamist terrorist cell in Manchester. Their mentor; a firebrand Immigrant cleric from Baghdad is protected by Hussein, a ferociously hard man from a small village in Afghanistan. Both have reasons to hate but are they the same?

English: The Entrance to the british museum in...

English: The Entrance to the british museum in London, England (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ali and Abdullah are poor, and look to Samir, a rich playboy from Wilmslow for favours and hand outs; he is relaxed about providing, but why? The mentoring turns sinister when Samir is asked to check out a possible target in London.

The Gent, is on a short break to the British Museum, London where a plea for help, from a young woman, embroils him in a terrorist plot, what or whom is the target? The Gent discovers that the young lady is in a deteriorating relationship with Samir. Certain information from her, together with more from contacts in the Gent’s mysterious past, lead to him being the catalyst in analysing the plot.

In Manchester the group led by Hussein avenge the sexual grooming of under-age girls in an Asian take away. The Sword of Allah is unleashed, deaths and injuries ensue and they are forced to flee to London. Complexities abound, not least the schisms within Islam, Sunni and Shia, the Arab Spring and the various uprisings in the Middle East

The Head of Security at Harrods, Sulamain Khan is found murdered; by whom and for why? This leaves the Gent to be arrested as a suspect, only to be rescued by an old MI6 contact. There is a frantic search in London to find out where the terrorists are hiding and what the target is, in order to prevent disaster on a massive scale.

Check out full synopsis on book page.

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